Specialty Coatings

S&S Interiors is proud to announce our new product line of clear coatings. This product was originally created for NASA to protect  the Spaceship Challenger and her rockets from the corrosion of Rocket fuel, Acid Rain, Extreme Temperatures’, and UV Damage. This Liquid Glass will  protect your hard surface flooring and grout in bathrooms from Urine, Mildew, Fungus, and Bacteria. When using this product on walls, signs, and other areas prone to Graffiti attacks it will stop the need for endless repainting and or replacing. Just simply power wash the graffiti away.  S&S is Trained and Certified in the preparation for these products, as it starts with the research of the material that will be coated. Preparation is 95% of the job and S&S prides it’s self on getting the job done right the first time! Let us make your home or business facilities look and stay new with this LEED Certified  product that will also help cut your ongoing maintenance labor, use of chemicals, and water making your buildings run more efficient.

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